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Welcome 🎉 Note about writing (and myself)

January 17, 2020

Welcome to my webpage! It's been a while since I had a first thought about creating my personal blog. Firstly because I'm not too good when it comes to be systematic, secondly because I was thinking about the right tooling to push it further.

Regarding the first point, I realised something. I can be systematic, if I want. It's all about the learning process. And about... my New Year's resolution, which sounds:

I will be making notes each time I learn something new.

Last time I did that after the React Context API had been released. I wrote a post on CodePen, partly as a tutorial for myself, and partly as a test if I can take someone's attention by writing about the FE. It worked out, my post got many views, it received a few likes, and I felt that I can!

But there was a lack of motivation. Or time, or patience. Call it as you want. I needed an impulse to create.

I've joined a "blogging company" recently, SoftwareMill, which encourages its contractors to write at least one programming blog post per year. This is very motivating as it reminds developers that they constantly need to grow. Not only for the company's purpose, but also for their own. Personally, it reminded myself that I have an incredible joy from writing, both - the code and the articles.

That's how I end up here, with (regarding the second point) this site, powered by Gatsby.js. I'm new to Gatsby, so I will be exploring its features for sure.

Let's focus on the content then. I have some new stuff to publish here (as well as on my CodePen or maybe even LinkedIn, who knows?). I've been exploring the SVG world for a while so there will be articles about that. There will be some posts about React which now is my rendering library of choice. Also, probably some other posts about developing javascript packages will appear, as I'm trying to become more active in the Open Source world.

I will be also adding links to the projects that I am working on or I am using.

So, wish my good luck, patience and - most importantly - regularity!

Happy hacking!