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Figura is dead, long live the Storms!

January 22, 2022

New series shall be focused around the concepts you may have already seen in the last 2 Figures: grids, glitches, noise, and moiré (of course!).

By devoting to one set of concepts, Storms will hopefully gain consistency and - at the same time - will present gradual progress when compared to the Figura series.

Feeling pretty excited!

Format: A3

Orientation: Portrait

3506× 4959 pixels, PNG

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Prints (not paired with NFTs):

  • drawn using AxiDraw V3 A3 pen plotter
  • with black Pigma Micron 01 0.25mm / Rotring Isograph 0.2mm
  • on A3 white bristol board 300g/sqm